Rotterdam Grand Prix 2009

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The Emerica team took it easy during the Rotterdam Grand Prix contest over the weekend. Only Aaron Suski and Collin Provost skated in it. Collin made it to the finals and ended up in 12th. Emerica Europe team rider Rob Maatman from Holland ended up in third, earning himself $4,000!

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(4) responses to: Rotterdam Grand Prix 2009

  1. FIRST!!!!

    Fuckin' Sick Collin & Maatman!

    I was there You Skated Pretty sick!

    Robiin's Emeritar Robiin Posted:
  2. Killin' it, and those black/ green Herm 2's look tight as a muh fucka, when do those drop?

    DaltonHarris's Emeritar DaltonHarris Posted:
  3. damn thats a chill ass front feeb

    braceknot's Emeritar braceknot Posted:
  4. daaayum pretty sick.

    zacc's Emeritar zacc Posted:

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