Leo Romero: In Photos

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Leo Romero: In Photos

Check out Emerica pro Leo Romero's eye-scouring 10-page photo spread in issue 65 of The Skateboard Mag. It was originally supposed to include an interview, but Leo decided to let his skating do all of the talking. Buy it now at a skate shop near you.

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(4) responses to: Leo Romero: In Photos

  1. haha he's skating a Baker

    Spankster's Emeritar Spankster Posted:
  2. skating indys in that photo. guess hes really on.

    galleryguy's Emeritar galleryguy Posted:
  3. thats fukn siick yo i bet there all sick photos of him like smashing donw some huge as handrials for sures his parts gona be sick for stay gold

  4. mucho albuquerque in there

    goombastomp's Emeritar goombastomp Posted:

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