The Justin Veatch Fund

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The Justin Veatch Fund.

Justin Veatch was a 17 year old kid who loved skateboarding and making music. He was going to go to college to study music, but he never got that chance. Justin got involved with some sketchy people and strayed away from skateboarding and his usual friends. He passed away from a drug overdose during the first weekend of his senior year in high school. Listen to some of his music on MySpace, check out some YouTube clips of him skating and donate to the memorial / scholorship fund his parents set up in his honor.

The Justin Veatch Fund

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(22) responses to: The Justin Veatch Fund

  1. Hard know.s the highway

    Reginald's Emeritar Reginald Posted:
  2. Thats awful.
    Hes got his Emericas on!

    R.I.P. where ever you are!

    7teenagesmokers's Emeritar 7teenagesmokers Posted:
  3. dont never let ANYTHING pull you away from skating.

    Nick Sanders's Emeritar Nick Sanders Posted:
  4. musics awesome but skating is definately infinite times better. stick to skatin dude

    beebus-aka-max's Emeritar beebus-aka-max Posted:
  5. keep reepin wherever you are man..
    RIP..youre awesome

    deanskate's Emeritar deanskate Posted:
  6. his music is mad good shit!

    RIP man

    enjoiboi's Emeritar enjoiboi Posted:

    ^^ his skating speaks for itself, he never let anything come between him and it. music is a big part of skateboarding. having actually known and skated with him i can honestly say justin always broke out the gnar. show some respect for someone who probably would have owned you in a game of skate.


    Nickysteez's Emeritar Nickysteez Posted:
  8. veatch was my boy and trust me, if you heard his music you would understand why he began to stray away from skating for music

    billy's Emeritar billy Posted:
  9. RIP man.

    jkoby's Emeritar jkoby Posted:
  10. hey man keep skating wherever you are.

    Michael Petler's Emeritar Michael Petler Posted:
  11. seemed like a sick dude, his music was sick, skating was sick. rest in peace

    Sachmoo's Emeritar Sachmoo Posted:
  12. i'm always torn on issues like this, .... its just sometimes its hard to feel empathy for others who make choices that are obviously the wrong ones, but you feel for them because they enjoy doing the same things you do, but then i come back to why the fuck would this kid be doing sketchy things and not just enjoying skating or all the great things in life to appreciate, instead of the latter. My deepest regards for his family and friends, but even though life is hard, never forget that this is only temporary. appriciate what you have in front of you now....

    Cory Martinez's Emeritar Cory Martinez Posted:
  13. i agree with Cory, it's uhh kinda his choice to start chillin with sketchsters and not quitting drugs

    but RIP Justin

    BAKED POTATO's Emeritar BAKED POTATO Posted:
  14. dude some people get pulled in with some crazy shit
    R.I.P. man
    shred in heaven

    Aaron's Emeritar Aaron Posted:
  15. FUCK!!!!!!!.....another rebel lost to the atrocities of the world...thats a damn shame.

    "E"'s Emeritar "E" Posted:
  16. *sigh* why the fuck would someone stray from skating to get into drugs i know it goes hand in hand with music as i am a musician but smoke weed and fly dont touch anything else.... people that fall into this same situation like justin are important they are here to teach us to make the right decisions in life so hopefully in death he saved some lives... R.I.P Justin

    elvis223's Emeritar elvis223 Posted:
  17. keep your opions to yourselfs...its up here to simply help the fund his parents set up in his honor. Please be thoughtful.

    pat's Emeritar pat Posted:
  18. skating and music go hand in hand, like best friends.

    but once you add drugs, it fucks with your brain, man

    anthony!'s Emeritar anthony! Posted:
  19. one of my best friends, justin was the one who taught me how to skate. even though he got caught up in some other things skateboarding was always a big part of his life. wherever he his i know hes still shredding. thank you for posting his story!

    brandon's Emeritar brandon Posted:
  20. Yo justin was one of my boys too and yes skateboarding was a big part of his life but so was music. he was passionate for more than one thing. its great to see this sight guys. We will never forget u man. Rave To The Grave

    Justin's Emeritar Justin Posted:
  21. Yo Justin was a good friend n though he did drift away he was still passionate for everything he did. its great to see this sight up guys. We Will never forget u Justin. Rave In Peace / Rave To The Grave

    Justin's Emeritar Justin Posted:
  22. i knew justin and he was the man and he was an amazing skater, and an amazing musician... nobody should b trashing that and sayin its his fault he died. sure, he shouldn't hav done th drugs but dont critcize him for mistakes

    RIP JUSTIN's Emeritar RIP JUSTIN Posted:

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