Emerica Ad Archive 1997

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Welcome to the Emerica ad archive for 1997. View the lightbox gallery above, or hit the links below to view the full giant-size images. (Click on each image again after it opens.)

Phil Shao, January 1997.
Jamie Thomas, February 1997.
Kenny Hughes, March 1997.
Dan Drehobl, April 1997.
Darren Navarette, May 1997.
Marc Johnson, June 1997.
Kenny Hughes, July 1997.
Chris Senn, August 1997.
Donny Barley, September 1997.
Chris Senn, October 1997.
Dan Drehobl, November 1997.
Jamie Thomas, December 1997.

When you're done here, brush up on your Emerican History.

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(9) responses to: Emerica Ad Archive 1997

  1. more more more!

    trevor's Emeritar trevor Posted:
  2. Man that Jamie Thomas ad is sick! That line at the bottom zoom in, "Emerica. skateboard shoes for skateboard feet...AND YOU GET THEM IN SKATEBORD SHOPS!". Man! That is sick! Emerica, remember what it was like?! You know?

    Brian J.'s Emeritar Brian J. Posted:
  3. this Ad Archive is going to be badass!!

    chrispybrown's Emeritar chrispybrown Posted:
  4. fallen shoes suck. the only good shoes are, of course, emerica and dekline.

    Vultraz T-99's Emeritar Vultraz T-99 Posted:
  5. Jeez! some sick ass old material!
    I did not know Cardiel Rode Emericas back in the day!

    jeez! get him back

    Strange Days's Emeritar Strange Days Posted:
  6. post up some old strubing ads, i used to have that back tail on the long marble ledge on my wall forever.

    Cory Martinez's Emeritar Cory Martinez Posted:
  7. post up old herm,leo,spanky ads!

    trevor's Emeritar trevor Posted:
  8. Hahaha. Jamie Has Done Tricks Barefoot Forever!

    scisssorhands's Emeritar scisssorhands Posted:
  9. @ scissorhands, it appears to be the same session he did the barefoot lipslide clip in his (thrill of it all?) part.

    Cory Martinez's Emeritar Cory Martinez Posted:

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