Contest Winners: Ed Templeton No Age Prize Pack!

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Contest Winner: Ed Templeton No Age

Congratulations to Kevin J. of Norwalk, Iowa and Melissa G. of Verdun, Quebec, Canada for winning our Ed Templeton No Age Prize Pack! contest. For entering, Kevin received a pair of Emerica The Archer No Age shoes plus a skateboard deck, a copy of Blisss! magazine with an Ed interview, a big Emerica sticker (those last three items were hand-drawn and signed by Ed) and a copy of the new No Age Losing Feeling CD from Sub Pop. Melissa received a CD, mag and sticker.

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(8) responses to: Contest Winners: Ed Templeton No Age Prize Pack!

  1. w0000000000000000000t congrats

    BAKED POTATO's Emeritar BAKED POTATO Posted:
  2. love this one.

    Display name:'s Emeritar Display name: Posted:
  3. daaaaamnnnnnnn
    i wanted this so bad :/

    congratulations for the winners

    butcher's Emeritar butcher Posted:
  4. the board says, "This is the lame side" hahahha

    Cory Martinez's Emeritar Cory Martinez Posted:
  5. My ship has doors to nowhere. congratulations prize winner!

    Privateer's Emeritar Privateer Posted:
  6. damn it

    Vultraz T-99's Emeritar Vultraz T-99 Posted:
  7. congrates to the winners. but shit, why didn't I win?

    amviator's Emeritar amviator Posted:
  8. Congratulations. I'm digging the NO AGE shoes, their out-soles remind me of their vinyls.

    Zach O's Emeritar Zach O Posted:

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