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2009: Battle at the Emerics

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This is an update of the Emerican History timeline.

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To prepare for an epic Battle at the Berrics against Chris Cole, Emerica pro Heath Kirchart goes up against himself in the Battle at the Emerics. This clever, unique video clip proves itself to be the single most popular post on the Emerica site all year, maybe of all time. Traffic swells to several times the daily average and knocks the site off the Web for a hot minute.

Brandon Westgate is now pro!

Leo Romero on Toy Machine!

Collin Provost on Toy Machine!

Brandon Westgate turns pro and debuts a banging part in Zoo York’s State of Mind video, while Leo Romero and Collin Provost make the move to Toy Machine!

Hang With Leo!

Leo Romero embarks on the Hang With Leo! shop tour, followed by Braydon Szafranski and Bryan Herman on the Hang With Braydon and Herman tour. Chris Senn and Spanky fly over to China, while the Baker + Deathwish teams head out on the highway on their Lowlife Tour. Chris Senn also opens Three Suns skate shop in Hawaii.

Three Suns.

The Emerica team embarks on several Stay Gold filming missions throughout the year, including New Mexico, Holland, Paris (also covered on Thrasher with an article and a video), the Pacific Northwest and NorCal.

The whole Emerica team converges on Vancouver for their annual Wild in the Streets event, including an Underworld signing + Leeside session.

Leo Romero, Skateboarder, May 2009.
Leo Romero, Skateboarder, May 2009.

Jerry Hsu, Skateboarder, December 2009.
Jerry Hsu, Skateboarder, December 2009.

Brandon Westgate, Skateboarder, July 2009.
Brandon Westgate, Skateboarder, July 2009.

Brandon Westgate, TransWorld Skateboarding, July 2009.
Brandon Westgate, TransWorld Skateboarding, July 2009.

Jamie Tancowny, Concrete, April 2009.
Jamie Tancowny, Concrete, April 2009.

Jamie Tancowny, TransWorld Skateboarding, January 2010.
Jamie Tancowny, TransWorld Skateboarding, January 2010.

Deer Man of Dark Woods, Concrete, June 2009.
Deer Man of Dark Woods, Concrete, June 2009.

Emerica scores seven magazine covers throughout the year, highlighted by Leo Romero charging up a handrail on Skateboarder.

Also in Coverageland, Andrew Reynolds scores a BL!SSS interview, while Heath Kirchart engages in a rare conversation in The Skateboard Mag. Ed Templeton allows Emerica into his home for a major interview for our site, while we catch up with Leo on his shop tour and in the pages of Uno. Jamie Tancowny stays hard at work with interviews in Thrasher, The Skateboard Mag! and SBC, while Collin Provost follows suit in Thrasher. Marquis Preston does The Skateboard Mag while Aaron Suski appears in Muddy Roots and TransWorld Skateboarding. The Deer Man of Dark Woods makes a rare appearance in the light of day in Concrete, while the Emerica team sweeps Skateboarder!, The Skateboard Mag, Thrasher and Skateboarder again!

Alien Workshop Mind Field premiere.

In the competitive arena, Heath Kirchart wins Best Street Skater at the TWS Awards and debuts a sick video part in Alien Workshop’s Mind Field. Collin Provost wins the Overall award at Back to the Banks 2009, while Marisa dal Santo wins X Games 15.

Ed Templeton BL!SSS and Kult covers.

Ed Templeton stays busy with two magazine covers on BL!SSS and Kult, an interview at Monster Children and a big art show called Strange New Feelings.

The Goat shakes the year 2009 with a Thrasher interview, a video shoot, a free download and a Southwest Tour, complete with 10 video clips over on Altamont.

Emerica Ad Archive.

Emerica finally launches an Ad Archive, which is chock-full of the best team, shoes and graphic design in skateboarding. (Not to mention some surprising team riders from yesteryear.)

Oh, yeah, and some rock star gives Emerica major props. Ha-ha!

New shoe models: Braydon, Francis Lo, Heath, High Laced, Mob, Nailer, Nailer Earthless, OG-1, Reynolds Cruisers, Romero and The Archer.

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  1. you forgot to mention the EMB takeover this past july. kekeke...

  2. what a good year!

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  3. not a bad year for Emerica.

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  4. nope....a good year...

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  6. sick ass year for the emericans!
    happy new years!

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