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Slap's ongoing One In A Million contest was created to shed light on unknown rippers who might not otherwise get a chance to shine. This year's contest started back in June, and lasted throughout most of the year until the slew of entrants was narrowed down to five shredders. One of which, is Emerica flow rider Chuy Madrigal. Yeah Chuy!


Now, only a few weeks away, each day of skating with the final five skaters will be documented as video "episodes” packed with skate, background, interview footage, and special guest appearances. A new episode will drop every Monday throughout the next several weeks, and the final installment will reveal Slap's 6th annual One In A Million winner.


Join Emerica Pro Jerry Hsu and Slap pal Mark Whitely for Day 5, as they tour the streets of San Jose with the remaining few, and good luck to all of the skaters involved!

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