Brooklyn Banks Rally

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Emerica bro, NYC skateboarding advocate, and all around ruling friend, Steve Rodriguez of 5boro Skateboards is organizing a skate rally this Saturday at 1pm (weather permitting) at the Brooklyn Banks.

As you guys know, the Brooklyn Banks is on the verge of complete closure for at least four years due to ongoing construction planned by the New York City Department Of Transportation. The banks is a truly landmark spot in skateboarding and this Saturday may be the very last time a large gathering like this happens for quite a while--very sad.

On a positive note...

Steve is working with city officials to develop possible solutions that would allow skaters to skate parts of the banks after the construction begins.


You can read the latest here from the NY Times.

Be sure to be there this Saturday with Steve to support NYC Skateboarding and the Brooklyn Banks!

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  1. so they are really going to destroy that magestic place┬┐?

    Strange Days's Emeritar Strange Days Posted:

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