Burnside Meeting Tonight!

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Skaters in the greater Portland area are encouraged to show up for a public meeting TONIGHT, Wednesday, January 27th regarding the impending development plans to the neighborhood adjacent to Burnside skatepark.

Failure to show up will indicate that there is no interest in the development of the area, and the collective voice supporting Burnside skatepark, will be unheard.

Be there!

524 E Burnside, 7th floor of B Side 6
Doors open at 5pm


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(4) responses to: Burnside Meeting Tonight!

  1. aw great! i love burnside!

    Vultraz T-99's Emeritar Vultraz T-99 Posted:
  2. you guys are going to kill it!

    Szfranski!'s Emeritar Szfranski! Posted:
  3. fuck yeah.

    trevor ward's Emeritar trevor ward Posted:
  4. hahaha you guys used the photo i took of Burnside for this post. right on, cheers

    Ryun's Emeritar Ryun Posted:

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