When The Goat Speaks...

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Don't be afraid to open your mouth. Go ahead. Try it. Nobody will be able to hear you, because The Goat & The Occasional Others are drowning out your nonsense.

To celebrate the release of their debut album, The Goat Speaks, and their signature shoes on Emerica (see below), The Goat played a killer set at 3 Clubs in Hollywood, CA. As usual, the club was transformed to a sinister vortex of brooding darkness by the skeletal hands of Atiba Jefferson at the keys, Kevin Long on guitar, Beagle on drums, Andrew Reynolds on bass, and front-man Shane Heyl.

kook adjusting his junk while The Goat plays
Yo, stop adjusting your junk. It's THE GOAT!

Beagle and Sammy Baca
Beagle & Baca keepin' it pure.

The Goat playing 3 clubs
KYS in the mosh pit.

Emerica x GOAT collab Reynolds Cruisters and High Laced
What goes well with Vodka? A pair of Emerica x GOAT collab Reynolds Cruisers or High Laced. Duh.

Lost OG Shoe
"Yo, who the fuck lost their OG-1 shoe?"

Emerica x GOAT Reynolds Cruisers
+50 style points.

kill yourself at a goat show
Billy. Billy. Billy Billy Billy. Billy. Billy. Billy Billy Billy.

Girl with emerica tattoo on her face
Damn, girl! Serious dedication.

Support The Goat! Get their album and pick up a matching pair of Cruisers or High Laced!

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(6) responses to: When The Goat Speaks...

  1. face tat is seriously the best thing ive seen alll day

    Cory Martinez's Emeritar Cory Martinez Posted:
  2. Get the new Goat Album, and Goat gear here:

    Timothy's Emeritar Timothy Posted:
  3. that face tat must be fake, it cant be

    fabio's Emeritar fabio Posted:
  4. she aint neva gonna regret that face tat

    dickforbrains's Emeritar dickforbrains Posted:
  5. im not going to lie, that face tat, made that girl soooo much hotter!

    tattoo-of-a-potato's Emeritar tattoo-of-a-potato Posted:
  6. The Goat Sucks

    pill jimmy's Emeritar pill jimmy Posted:

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