Happy Anniversary Subsect

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Happy Birthday Subsect Skateshop!

Owned by Emerica Pro Heath Kirchart and Emerica lifers Dan Rogers and Jeff Vallee, Subsect turns 4 today (under their ownership)!

This 4th year anniversary is gonna' be a really big year for Subsect! Not only are they planning on opening a new larger store in downtown Des Moines this Summer, but Heath is currently residing in Iowa and working closely with Sect shop manager and sales guru Kevin Jones to put the finishing touches on the shop. That being said, you know its gonna' be good!

Stay tuned for some kick-ass stuff to come from Subsect and Emerica this Summer!

Happy Anniversary Bros!


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(6) responses to: Happy Anniversary Subsect

  1. That is rad. Can't wait to hang in the new shop.

    gabebauman's Emeritar gabebauman Posted:
  2. thats gunna be sick. it'll be alot closer ta me. i can hang at the shop more. i cant wait!haha

    JD hays's Emeritar JD hays Posted:
  3. new shop is gonna be illlll!

    jake hergert's Emeritar jake hergert Posted:
  4. i cant wait for the new shop. its gunna be sick.
    it'll be alot closer ta where i live. i can hang at the shop more!haha sick.

  5. It doesnt seem like 4 years

    Cory Martinez's Emeritar Cory Martinez Posted:
  6. heath, you're the muthafuckin best!!

    andy's Emeritar andy Posted:

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