Heath Kirchart Hits the Road with Alien Workshop

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Heath Kirchart will be hitting the road for the AWS and Habitat Great Lakes Tour this weekend! Heath will be joined by fellow AWS teammate Mikey Taylor and Habitat pros Silas Baxter-Neal and Kerry Getz. If you live in the midwest and want to witness some ripping skating, here are the details:

February 19 - 8:00pm Krush Skatepark, Chicago, IL
February 20 - 2:30pm Modern Skatepark, Grand Rapids, MI
February 21 - 2:30pm Modern Skatepark, Royal Oak, MI

AWS Great Lakes Tour Flyer

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(4) responses to: Heath Kirchart Hits the Road with Alien Workshop

  1. How can you call it the Great lakes tour and not come near northern ohio. :(

    joe's Emeritar joe Posted:
  2. cant wait to see him and kerry in royal oak!
    2 of my favorite skaters for years!

    aaron's Emeritar aaron Posted:
  3. oh shit, ima try and make it to the krush demo if i can lurk a ride hahahahhah

    Cory Martinez's Emeritar Cory Martinez Posted:
  4. great lakes and no wisconsin? fuck that.

    colinhater's Emeritar colinhater Posted:

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