RVCA Signings & Behind The Scenes Video

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Catch Emerica Pros Leo Romero, Kevin "Spanky" Long, and
Ed Templeton
this Friday afternoon at 6PM at Active Rideshop Temecula, then again on Saturday at 3pm at Active Rideshop Irvine for a RVCA signing!

Yep, that's right. That's two...count em', two signings my friends! And what's more? That's two chances for you to hang with the bros, so don't blow it!


Speaking of Active, they recently met up with the Tempster and
Lee-Man to do a behind-the-scenes deally deal and some shredding with RVCA mastermind Jimmy Arrighi. While your watching, be sure to keep an eye out for that kick ass Toy Machine Team Managers board with Jetski in Jimmy's office. Damn, thats cool!

Now that you've watched some shredding, and made plans for the weekend, head over to RVCA to check out all of Leo's new signature threads hitting your local skateshop along with brand spanking new colorways in Leo's Emerica shoes shipping now!

See you manana, amigos!

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(2) responses to: RVCA Signings & Behind The Scenes Video

  1. dude i seriously just got home from the temecula signing and i have to say that it was the absolute best one i ever went to. the only down side iss that it isnt a demo they just show up, sign your stuff, talk a little, watch everyone skate out front, and leave. seriously go to the irvine one and you will love it. the best part is that if you show up early you get to skate out front and have a huge session/ contest with everyone that shows up

    tyler's Emeritar tyler Posted:
  2. the other thing is iff you go, you get to ask the tempest to dram a sick toy graphic on yyour board and you get to see the board from the videeo above and skate with him

    Tyler's Emeritar Tyler Posted:

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