Casa De Leo

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The latest Transworld Skateboarding features Emerica Pro and super nailer, Leo Romero as this month's Home Page write up, counting down the random goodies in the Romero villa.

Being a Long Beach resident and visiting the Romero estate often, I can tell you that notably missing from the list is the kick-ass pool table in Lee-man's living room, the Rambo style deer hoof in his bedroom, or the newly purchased shotgun in his hall closet. Shit, the garage alone is a wonderland of epic radness. Insert 2 Motorcyles and a 71' Chevelle here. Come to think of it, I guess there's way too much cool shit at Leo's place to even count. That being said, this is a great attempt and a respectable list nonetheless!

Be sure to pick up the latest Transworld Skateboarding
at your local skateshop for the article, and keep an eye out for the Emerica Ad for Andrew's brand NEW shoe, the Reynolds Classic!
Its gonna' burn your eyeballs out!

Stay Gold


#4 is secured above Leo's fireplace facing the pool table. A man always has to have his priorities in order!

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  1. When can i come over and visit?


    Cory Martinez's Emeritar Cory Martinez Posted:
  3. Mi casa es tu casa Leo.

    Strange Days's Emeritar Strange Days Posted:
  4. Dude I live like an hour away from long beach :DD

    anthony!'s Emeritar anthony! Posted:
  5. be kind invite

    797033emericas's Emeritar 797033emericas Posted:
  6. on my wall!

    soberryrubii's Emeritar soberryrubii Posted:

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