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Stop! Drop! Shut Em' Down, Open Up Shop! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! That's how THE GOAT rolls.

On Saturday at 3:30pm, THE GOAT will be making a very special appearance for a signing at the Emerica Tent at the Phoenix Am! Booyeah! The signing comes a few hours before the after-party that night with skate-rock shredders Bad Shit, and hardcore legends The Bad Brains!

The signing is gonna be quick (just a half an hour), so...get there while you can! Also, don't forget to bring your Emerica x Goat Collab Shoes to get signed, as well as pick up a super limited edition GOAT & The Occasional Others Emerica & Altamont Criddler poster!

The Phoenix Am
Saturday, April 10

3:30 PM @ The Emerica Tent

See you there!

P.S. Its also gonna' be Herm's Birthday Saturday!!! What??!! I'm telling you...that after-party Saturday night with THE GOAT and The Bad Brains is gonna' be absolutely ape shit, crazy G-CODE!




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  1. advance happy beerday herm dog!

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