"Honorary Pro" Justin Regan Hi Laced

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Justin Regan has done a ton for skateboarding over the years and is, not coincidentally, the latest skateboard industry insider to go pro for
Club Mumble's Honoris Professio (Honorary Pros) program… and his special limited edition Emerica pro model shoe just hit the streets!

Watch the video below to learn about Club Mumble's Honoris Professio and see the unveiling at Justin's surprise birthday/ going pro party with Emerica, Club Mumble, and The Skateboard Mag.

The clip also has great interviews with Emerica luminaries like Heath Kirchart, Bryan Herman, Braydon Szafranski along with industry veterans Don Brown, Kevin Wilkins, Atiba Jefferson, Emerica Team Manager Jeff Henderson, and the man of the hour himself - Justin Regan.

The Mumble Honoris Professio Regan Hi-Laced is super limited with only 100 pairs made! They are black canvas and lined in a super soft comfortable micro-fiber suede with killer details and illustration by Emerica friend and all around nailing bro, Tristan Ellis.

Regan Emerica Hi Laced
Regan Emerica Hi Laced Details

Visit Club Mumble now to BUY a pair for a mere $55 bucks! This exclusive shoe is only available for a limited time, and only you and the Emerica team will own them, making them very special indeed. Get your hands on em' while you can!

Stay Gold

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(10) responses to: "Honorary Pro" Justin Regan Hi Laced

  1. good for him, god knows what would have happened to reynolds and greco in the early 00's had he not been there looking out for them. you the man, justin!!

    drew's Emeritar drew Posted:
  2. do want

    Joe's Emeritar Joe Posted:
  3. Sick

    dante's Emeritar dante Posted:

    bowie8338's Emeritar bowie8338 Posted:
  5. holy shit!

    Vultraz T-99's Emeritar Vultraz T-99 Posted:
  6. Justin is the Confucius of the skateboarding industry.

    Brink's Emeritar Brink Posted:
  7. Let me get my Mere 55 dollars hangin' around.

    jgonzalez's Emeritar jgonzalez Posted:
  8. thats a SICK shoe

    cmgoskate's Emeritar cmgoskate Posted:
  9. you are awesome and you tremendously deserved that...good for you man!

    Taylor Mock's Emeritar Taylor Mock Posted:
  10. I love!... Well loved these shoes! I want another pair! I know that their like super rare collectors...Sorry Regan they were just too fckn classy not to skate!
    But still congrats on the shoe, and leading the way in careers built on skateboarding.
    It's a beautful day.

    Honorary probe's Emeritar Honorary probe Posted:

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