Uphill Battle

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Check out this interview with Emerica Pro Leo Romero courtesy of Emerica friend, and Tum Yeto master at arms, Mike Sinclaire.

Enjoy, loyal pawns!


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(4) responses to: Uphill Battle

  1. leos such a dick haha but its awesome super cool dude in person cant wait to see his part in stay gold..

    Dion 's Emeritar Dion Posted:
  2. EL TORO! grinded up!! hahah.. when is the Emerica Video comming out?

    Strange Days's Emeritar Strange Days Posted:
  3. yeah leo. keep killin it. soty2010!

    gbabybaby's Emeritar gbabybaby Posted:
  4. i was there when leo grinded up el toro, it was a beautiful moment, like the first time i looked marc bolan in the eyes.

    Trevor Ward's Emeritar Trevor Ward Posted:

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