Hell Of A Year

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"He’s extremely capable."
- Andrew Reynolds

"I’ve heard he really enjoys taking a slam, too."
- Arto Saari

Thrasher checks in with Andrew Reynolds and Arto Saari about Brandon Westgate and Leo Romero.

Hell Of A Year? Yep, and its not even close to over. Stay coming!

P.S. Thanks JGonz!

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(5) responses to: Hell Of A Year

  1. jgonzalez's Emeritar jgonzalez Posted:
  2. I just can't wait for stay gold !

    Armin Halvadzic's Emeritar Armin Halvadzic Posted:
  3. Stay Gold is going to be the sickest skate vid ever!

    porkchop's Emeritar porkchop Posted:
  4. such a beast

    Cory Martinez's Emeritar Cory Martinez Posted:
  5. I'm glad my nerd-dom can be of assistence ;)

    jgonzalez's Emeritar jgonzalez Posted:

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