Herm, Crash & Burn!

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The Victorville fairground patrons didn't know what hit 'em this weekend, as Bryan Herman and the Pharmacy crew moved in to participate in their first-ever demolition derby. The crowds laughed, the locals scoffed, but no one could disrespect the effort as Bryan went balls out in his Emerica and Shake Junt sponsored '69 Oldsmobile Delta 88. Here's how it went down!

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The Whip

Emerica Shake Junt CarWe brought more style than the locals had ever seen.

Emerica Shake Junt Car Demolition DerbyThe Delta was sittin' pretty on those 14" hubcaps.

Inside demolition derby carYou ever wondered what the inside of a demolition derby car looks like? No? Well, enjoy.

Bryan Herman Demolition Derby Shake JuntHerm dawg! Straight G-CODE!!!

The Competition

Spongebob Car Demolition DerbyThe Spongebob car was a crowd favorite.

Stinkin' Lincoln Car Demolition DerbyThe Stinkin' Lincoln.

Green Machine Car Demolition Derby77: "Green Machine". Not really, but who cares.

Round 1

Bryan Herman Demolition Derby ready?You ready to do this?

Bryan Herman Demolition Derby showtimeIt's showtime. No backing out now...

Bryan Herman Demolition Derby ready to rollThe White Diamond rolling on in.

Demolition Derby Line upLine 'em up for the crowds.

Demolition Derby Bryan Herman Round1

After an aggressive start to the first round, disaster struck quick for the White Diamond as the Oldsmobile came to an sudden halt within several minutes. Turned out the throttle cable snapped, and a visibly disappointed Herman accompanied the incapacitated vehicle back to the pits.

Bryan Herman demolition derby fixing carBack in the pits, the crew used the 30 minute timeout to their advantage and rigged up a new throttle cable.

Round 2

Demolition Derby Bryan Herman LineupBack with a vengeance, Bryan's whip came equipped with a brand new hand throttle.

Demolition Derby Crash BurnFinally it was time to shine. Round two could not have been any more action-packed. Engines roared, metal was twisted, and Bryan dealt heavy damage but ended up being smashed into a side-wall after a good ten minutes of carnage.

Demolition Derby Final stateThe final state was not one to easily drive home in.

Word up to Bryan - killed it! Thanks to Pharmacy, Shake Junt, and everyone who came out to support us!

For more photos, head on over to the Shake Junt site!

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  1. DAMN, Hermdaddy is killing it on the board, as well as in life. (tips the hat)

    Cory Martinez's Emeritar Cory Martinez Posted:

    KIL-LA's Emeritar KIL-LA Posted:
  3. danm that car was soo fuckin dope throw some dicent sets and some ballen rims and it would be sooooo rad

    seamus 's Emeritar seamus Posted:
  4. total fun! haha sick herms!

    Strange Days's Emeritar Strange Days Posted:
  5. Sweet!!!

    yeahmom's Emeritar yeahmom Posted:
  6. damn i miss the b.herm one's they should put them back on for a while

    ivan's Emeritar ivan Posted:
  7. STAY GOLDEN!!!!!!!!!!!

    daniel1234's Emeritar daniel1234 Posted:
  8. good ole emerican fun!

    nowax's Emeritar nowax Posted:
  9. Shit's nuts. "White Diamond" looks Pimpin.

    Straightup Fiend's Emeritar Straightup Fiend Posted:
  10. bryan herman is crazy

    mahmoud loudiyi's Emeritar mahmoud loudiyi Posted:
  11. haahaahaa nice wrecking dope's Emeritar Posted:
  12. hahaha nice wrecking dope's Emeritar Posted:
  13. Takes a set to do that shit! Nice one

    steve86's Emeritar steve86 Posted:
  14. Takes a set to do that shit! Nice one

    steve86's Emeritar steve86 Posted:

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