Wild in the Streets 2010 Locations Announced!

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The Emerica Team is coming to you for this year's Wild in the Streets. The Kids of Emerica have spoken and by popular demand, the cities we are coming to this year will be (drumroll please)...

  • After last year's amazing Canadian WitS in Vancouver, we're going over to that bastion of style and great skate spots dans l'est, le grand Montreal!
  • In Europe, the kids clamored loudly, demanding that the team comes to London, where the Emerica x Slam City Skates shop takeover has created madness in the minds of the skaters.
  • The European skaters who can't make it to London will be able to take a train to Madrid, capital city of Spain, where Emerica team riders from the US and all over Europe will take back the streets!
  • And in the US, we are proud to bring Wild in the Streets to Tampa, Florida!

Make plans now to hit up your favorite city to take the streets in the name of skateboarding!

Wild in the Streets 2010!

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(24) responses to: Wild in the Streets 2010 Locations Announced!

  1. montréal!!!

    micamor's Emeritar micamor Posted:
  2. always the big wonder skateboarding never grows

    ram's Emeritar ram Posted:
  3. Bring that ass To Fresno again

    gimmy's Emeritar gimmy Posted:
  4. Never around california man IM NOT GOIN TO LIKE EMERICA BEACAUSE OF THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    jrsk8's Emeritar jrsk8 Posted:
  5. never in chicago or indiana, just too small, but oh well

    Vultraz T-99's Emeritar Vultraz T-99 Posted:
  6. Hey Vultraz T-99, we did Wild In The Streets in Chicago in 2006. We go to different cities every year.

    Jetski's Emeritar Jetski Posted:
  7. and jrsk8, we did Wild In The Streets in San Francisco in 2007.

    Jetski's Emeritar Jetski Posted:
  8. Dude come on Denver is fucking huge on that shit. I know a guy that has been wearing Emericas and nothing else for over 17 years. plus we have sick parks and an awesome skate scene

    303skates's Emeritar 303skates Posted:
  9. Send us the flyer for Montreal when it's ready and we will put on our website.

    Anthony Di Paolo's Emeritar Anthony Di Paolo Posted:
  10. i wish somebody would come to the midwest, but then again u did when i didnt skate and i cant influence u to come now

    justis walton's Emeritar justis walton Posted:
  11. wtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtf nvr in tn down town hills for days

    jayskate123's Emeritar jayskate123 Posted:
  12. Do you guys have the dates set yet?

    Joel's Emeritar Joel Posted:
  13. its never in small towns

    Mouth's Emeritar Mouth Posted:
  14. bring it to L.A.

    jay-v's Emeritar jay-v Posted:
  15. never in las vegas

    timothy's Emeritar timothy Posted:
  16. I wish they came to San Diego, or somewhere near, there's alot of passion here man.

    anthony!'s Emeritar anthony! Posted:
  17. Snellville,Georgia please! ALL these posers dont know REAL boarding.

    Christian Leon's Emeritar Christian Leon Posted:
  18. call to brazil guys
    is very beutfull and skateablle!!
    paulista ,anhangabau,murunbi square
    tanks for atentions

    lucas matheus's Emeritar lucas matheus Posted:
  19. I used to live in miami,but now I'm on the other side of the country. Youshould come to tucson or phoenix next year. Anyway keep up the good work. Emericafor life.

    philnphonky's Emeritar philnphonky Posted:
  20. hey 303skates you said that you know a guy that has been wearing Emericas and nothing else for over 17 years. you're stupid emerica only exist since 1996

    blurp's Emeritar blurp Posted:
  21. São Paulo - Brasil
    Wild in the Streets
    Estarei lá!!!

    T83VAN.'s Emeritar T83VAN. Posted:
  22. most of it is over seas or another country not in a/emerica somewhere in cali will always be a good turn out

    kyle m's Emeritar kyle m Posted:
  23. Hi people, how are you???
    I am brazilian and here has an wild in the street too.

    Went in São Paulo at 06/20, the skaterboarders went from Paulista Avenue to Sé Square, passing on the Roosevelt Square and Old Center of São Paulo City.

    Happened a few best tricks championships with prizes.

    I am waitng the next year to go to again.

    Hugs for all!

    Felipe's Emeritar Felipe Posted:
  24. come to macedonia if you know where that is :D:D

    aah's Emeritar aah Posted:

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