Stay Gold - The Emerica Video World Premiere

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Join the Emerica Team on August 17, 2010, for the World Premiere of Stay Gold – The Emerica Video in Hollywood, California!

Emerica Stay Gold premiere Holywood, CA

Nestled high in the Hollywood Hills, the Ford Amphitheater will host this very special event featuring live sets from Dead Meadow and Earthless. The World Premiere of Stay Gold – The Emerica Video promises to be an amazing and memorable night for the introduction of a new skateboarding classic from Emerica, directed by Jon Miner.

Pre-sale general admission tickets go on sale for $5 at, or 323-461-3673 on August 1.

Space is extremely limited. Reserving your tickets on August 1 is highly recommended.

Stay Gold - The Emerica Video
World Premiere
W/ Special Guests
Dead Meadow

Doors: 7:30PM

Ford Amphitheater
2580 E. Cahuenga Blvd.
Hollywood CA.

A World Premiere only happens once. Don’t sleep!

This is Emerica. This Is Skateboarding.
Stay Gold.

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(20) responses to: Stay Gold - The Emerica Video World Premiere

  1. this is one of those videos that you'll have to buy, not watch on youtube

    adam g's Emeritar adam g Posted:
  2. WOW.

    scisssorhands's Emeritar scisssorhands Posted:
  3. SkATe♥4Life...

    Juanksk8's Emeritar Juanksk8 Posted:
  4. Nice one, Adam!

    Timothy's Emeritar Timothy Posted:
  5. Wow the 17th is my first day of school:(

    Cesar Coria's Emeritar Cesar Coria Posted:
  6. Youtube Sucks ASS

    Suck it's Emeritar Suck it Posted:
  7. im going thats a forsure.

    emerican4lifee's Emeritar emerican4lifee Posted:
  8. the premiere landed on my 20th birthday! sick! that would be cool if i can get some tickets haha

    andrewnl's Emeritar andrewnl Posted:
  9. @ adam g

    Definitely bro. Hope there's a limited edition so I can watch all the bonus footy:)

    dante's Emeritar dante Posted:
  10. i will

    Thronn's Emeritar Thronn Posted:
  11. thats sick! stay gold comes out on my birthday!

    zackphillips's Emeritar zackphillips Posted:
  12. Hell Yeah ! Ill be there Forsures !! Hollywood Killz !

    KillerKillz's Emeritar KillerKillz Posted:
  13. hell yea i cant to see this vid its gonna sick as fuck

    Blake's Emeritar Blake Posted:
  14. I totally agree with Adam.
    I know it is going to be 40 euros,but I don't care.
    I want to watch this,in HD on my plazma tv.
    Emerica !

    armin halvdzic's Emeritar armin halvdzic Posted:
  15. I'm definitely going to be there.

    Jorge's Emeritar Jorge Posted:
  16. Fukken Badass!!!!

    Manny's Emeritar Manny Posted:
  17. notice anything?
    Leo Romero- Ender to transworlds first love.
    Heath Kirchart- Ender to Alien Workshops new vid.
    Jerry Hsu- Ender to Enjoi's bag of suck.
    Brandon Westgate- I think he was ender to the
    new Zoo York video.. not so sure. but still kills it!
    Andrew Reynolds- Hes had a couple enders.
    Bryan Herman- Ender to baker 3!
    not sure about everyone else.. but they still kill it.
    But ya, most of these dudes all had enders in vids.

    its crazy! :D

    this is gonna be a badass video.. so gonna buy it.

    SalsaChilena's Emeritar SalsaChilena Posted:
  18. shoot! even Jamie Tancowny for strangeworld! ha

    SalsaChilena's Emeritar SalsaChilena Posted:
  19. going to this premiere its gonna be tight af!! =DD

    Ryan<3Emerica.'s Emeritar Ryan<3Emerica. Posted:
  20. sk8rat's Emeritar sk8rat Posted:

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