Stay Gold World Premiere Photos

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Last night was a night many people had been waiting for. In a sold out Ford theater everyone there knew it was gonna be good. It's gonna be tough to pick a best part, since the whole Emerica team killed it! After a while people in the front rows just kept jumping up and down since trick after trick was mind blowing. A true celebration of skateboarding in the hills of Hollywood.

The Stay Gold World Premiere Tour will take the team to Vancouver tomorrow, followed by Des Moines on Saturday and New York on Monday. After that the team is flying out to Europe to attend the premieres in Paris, Vienna and Stuttgart. More premieres all over the world starting at the end of August. Go see it for yourself, you can't miss this new chapter in skateboarding!

Ford Amphitheater Billboard
Finally the big day was here. Stay Gold motherfuckers!

You ain't getting in without a ticket.

Crowd Stay Gold Premiere
Even early on, the crowd was thick.

Yoon Sul and Heath Kirchart
Heath got there early so he could secure a coveted front row seat.

Jerry Hsu Stay Gold Premiere
Jerry made it out in time to secure some snacks before the performance.

Earthless Stay Gold premiere
First up was Earthless, playing a trippy 40 minute session.

Dustin Aron, Brandon Westgate, Aaron Suski Stay Gold Premiere
Brandon Westgate and Aaron Suski chilling with Stay Gold video producer Dustin Aron.

Dead Horsemen Stay Gold Premiere
Dead Meadow extended the wait as the crowd started to get antsy.

Then... the video. We won't give anything away, so go see it!

Leo Romero Stay Gold Premiere
Although... Leo's part was nothing short of mind-blowing.

Justin Regan and Jon Miner Stay Gold Premiere
Shout out to the man that made it all happen, Jon Miner! Congrats Jon!

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(11) responses to: Stay Gold World Premiere Photos

  1. Beast of a video guys! Stay Gold!

    Josef's Emeritar Josef Posted:
  2. How can i get the ticket for the premierre in vienna!!! is so important for me please somobody help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ozzy Emerica's Emeritar Ozzy Emerica Posted:
  3. call the local skateshop

    jujunordo's Emeritar jujunordo Posted:
  4. Kirchart is done with skateboarding! Talk about going out with style while staying Gold!

    Thee Thee's Emeritar Thee Thee Posted:
  5. Congrats too all the homies, Now kick back and enjoy it, You all def deserve it !! ^__^

    Cory Martinez's Emeritar Cory Martinez Posted:

    FUZZ's Emeritar FUZZ Posted:
  7. whose the dude sitting with kirchart in the photo above?

    gary's Emeritar gary Posted:
  8. Last night was amazing, the video is AMAZING! Seriously, buy it. Dont be lame and watch it on youtube.
    everyone killed it. Everyones part was my favorite part haha, the diversity of the skating was great.

    Drake Elliott's Emeritar Drake Elliott Posted:
  9. It's Yoon with Kirchart

    jerry's Emeritar jerry Posted:
  10. Gary: it's Yoon Sul!

    FOXXXYZ's Emeritar FOXXXYZ Posted:
  11. are u guys gunna have a show in vegas????

    ENJOI's Emeritar ENJOI Posted:

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