Into The Darkness

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An epic night yesterday as the opening of NECKFACE's new art show "Into Darkness" spawned a blood-tingling haunted house and an after-party with The Goat & The Occasional Others.

Into Darkness Show Wall

Limbs were amputated, throats were slit, and a good time was had all around. Here are some photos bearing witness to the final moments of many in attendance. Click any to enlarge.

Into Darkness Line
With the line wrapping around the block all night, some couldn't handle the wait and chose a shortcut to the afterlife.

NECKFACE's art succeeds at turning lurid scenes into raw comedy.

NECKFACE art show haunted houseThe haunted house was amazingly well done and elicited screams all night.

NECKFACE art show haunted houseRosemary finally found what she was looking for.

Packed gallery NECKFACE art showBefore long, the sheer size of the crowd made the gallery implode, killing everyone inside.

Into Darkness Bathrooms
The crudely discriminating bathrooms lured many into their swinging door traps.

Figgy, Atiba and Nuge playing
At the after-party, Nuge, Figgy and Atiba opened with a short yet sweet set. Figgy rips!

The Goat taking center stage and Lizard King showing up without a costume. Again.

Spanky and Drew at THE GOAT
Spanky and Drew couldn't make it, so we paid Teen Wolf and some dude from the Starbucks down the street a couple bucks to stand in.

A night of stars: BEAGLE gets you hyper oneISM, Shane Heyl, Starbucks dude, Random dude, Garrett Hill.

Even the The Count showed up to witness the carnage.

Those who managed to survive until the end of the night had to face NECKFACE's alter ego, FRECKFACE, in a battle to the death. Here's a tip if you ever have to deal with this guy: DON'T LOOK HIM IN THE EYES!

For more photos, check the Altamont site.

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