2010: Stay Gold

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This is an update of the Emerican History timeline.

Stay Gold - The Emerica Video

Stay Gold World Tour

Emerica unleashes its long-awaited third video, Stay Gold, to universal acclaim, and the team embarks on a world tour of premieres in Hollywood (photos and video), Vancouver, Des Moines, New York, Paris, Vienna and Stuttgart. A deluxe edition leads the pack of related goods, including shoes from Emerica; decks from Baker, Toy Machine and Zoo York; wheels from Hubba and Satori; and bearings from Shake Junt.

Emerica's Wild in the Streets

The Emerica team scatters across the globe to go Wild in the Streets of Montreal (with Heath Kirchart, Brandon Westgate and Justin Figueroa), London (with Kevin Long, Braydon Szafranski and Aaron Suski), Madrid (with Leo Romero, Collin Provost and Marisa dal Santo) and Tampa (with Andrew Reynolds, Bryan Herman, Ed Templeton and Marquis Preston).

Heath Kirchart retires.

Figgy turns pro!

Collin Provost joins the Emerica team.

Right when Heath Kirchart announces his retirement and Emerica launches a tribute, Justin Figueroa and Jamie Tancowny
turn pro, and longtime flow rider Collin Provost officially joins the Emerica team.

Andrew Reynolds, The Skatebopard Mag issue  80.

Andrew Reynolds, Thrasher, October 2010.

Heath Kirchart, one of 10 skaters who changed the decade!

Andrew Reynolds bangs out two epic mag covers, including issue 80 of The Skateboard Mag and the October issue of Thrasher. He completes interviews for Active and TransWorld Skateboarding, who also name him and Heath Kirchart as two of the 10 skaters who helped change the face of skateboarding over the last decade! Andrew, Braydon Szafranski and Jerry Hsu appear in the Skate 3 video game.

Ed Templeton, The Seconds Pass.

Heath Kirchart gets Chrome Balled. Ed Templeton assembles three big art shows, including his largest museum show to date, the Cemetary of Reason at the SMAK in Belgium, Drinking the Kool-Aid, also in Belgium, and The Seconds Pass at the Roberts and Tilton art gallery in Los Angeles. He then answers your questions at Active and shows you his house.

Spanky and Jerry Hsu, We Ain't Impressed.

Bryan Herman, demolition derby.

Kevin "Spanky" Long completes three interviews, one in issue 76 of The Skateboard Mag, another in the July issue of Thrasher and a third for TransWorld Skateboarding. He and Jerry Hsu host an art show called We Ain't Impressed in Shanghai, China. Bryan Herman gets down and dirty in a demolition derby.

Leo Romero, The Skateboard Mag issue 82.

Leo Romero, Thrasher, September 2010.

Leo Romero is voted Thrasher’s Skater of the Year! (More coverage on Emerica and ESPN.) Leo nabs two more covers, one on issue 82 of The Skateboard Mag and another on the September issue of Thrasher. does an interview with SBC Skateboard and Rob Brink; and shows off his house on TransWorld Skateboarding.

Jerry Hsu ice cream.

Jerry Hsu takes a Tumble, puts together a photo show for Vice, gets Chrome Balled and enters the Golden Age in TransWorld Skateboarding.

Brandon Westgate, Skateboarder, October 2010.

Brandon Westgate is voted TransWorld Skateboarding’s Rookie of the Year, leaps onto the cover of the October issue of Skateboarder and answers your questions on CCS, who also offer up a Day in the Life. Then he pulls an interview with Push and offers up a tasty tour of his dad’s cranberry farm.

Justin Figueroa, Thrasher, May 2010.

Aaron Suski, Lowcard issue 36.

Marisa dal Santo, The Skateboard Mag issue 72.

Justin Figueroa scores the cover of the May issue of Thrasher. Jamie Tancowny donates his long hair for cancer. Marquis Preston enjoys a Day in the Life at Active. Collin Provost gets New Jacked in issue 71 of The Skateboard Mag. Aaron Suski gets covered on issue 36 of Lowcard. Marisa dal Santo gets interviewed in issue 72 of The Skateboard Mag and makes the Innes team.

Slam City Skates, Emerica  and Altamont basement.

Slam City Skates, Emerica  and Altamont basement.

London’s Slam City Skates turns their entire basement into an Emerica and Altamont brand showcase.

Justin Regan, meet the Regan.

By popular demand, Emerica brings back the classic Wino; presents former Team Manager / Brand Manager Justin Regan with his first pro model shoe, The Regan as a “lifetime achievement award” in the skateboarding industry; and gives props to its most dedicated EMB users with the Reynolds 3 EMB

Emerica Francis Lo Heroin.

In the collab department, Ed Templeton and Leo Romero team up to produce the Ed + Leo Bro Lab, Emerica and Sam Hitz’ skate rock band SHED throw up the Francis SHED, and Emerica and Heroin Skateboards create a special colorway of the Francis Lo.

New shoe models: G-CODE!!!, Jinx, Reynolds Classics, Reynolds Cruisers Fusion, Rip Slip, Romero 2, The Heresy, The Situation, Trenton, Wino.

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(8) responses to: 2010: Stay Gold

  1. Damn, it seems like Emerica had one hell of a year. They landed a lot of covers as well too, i like Reynold's fakie flip, just the colors and the stairs. Its pretty cool.

    giann's Emeritar giann Posted:
  2. That's one hell of a year for Emerica and this year will be hell again, starting with the release of Wesgate's Pro Shoe! Damn! Emerica for Life!

    IAmEmerican's Emeritar IAmEmerican Posted:
  3. emerica is simply great.

    armin halvadzic's Emeritar armin halvadzic Posted:
  4. Woah!!! thatz awesome dude!!!

    jackie15's Emeritar jackie15 Posted:
  5. where can i order stay gold romero 2's, i can't findem'

    badbrainbat's Emeritar badbrainbat Posted:
  6. hopefully 20 years from now, we can come back and read this and remember the good times! STAY GOLD fools!

    alex s.'s Emeritar alex s. Posted:
  7. goood fucking year for the emerica team good job!

    soberryrubii's Emeritar soberryrubii Posted:
  8. STAY GOLD! that's all I have to say. Good day to you all!

    ashton murphy's Emeritar ashton murphy Posted:

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