Happy Birthday Brandon!

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westgate b-day

We would like to take this time to wish Brandon Westgate a Happy Birthday! Join in the celebration by leaving a comment for Brandon below. Hell yeah Brandon, you're killing it man! Enjoy it! Oh yeah and just because, watch this again!

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(17) responses to: Happy Birthday Brandon!

  1. yeah the first one to comment. happy birthday man. i bought your shoe the day it was being sold

    Tyler's Emeritar Tyler Posted:
  2. bahahha, 2:26 in that vid. sickest high five.
    happy birthday'

    Olivia's Emeritar Olivia Posted:
  3. happy birthday brandon! your the fuckin man!

    jobo's Emeritar jobo Posted:
  4. whooooo!!! happy birthday dude youre killin it, you've always killed it , you will always kiil it.

    dude45676's Emeritar dude45676 Posted:
  5. Happy Birthday Westgate!!

    IAmEmerican's Emeritar IAmEmerican Posted:
  6. happy birthday man

    will's Emeritar will Posted:
  7. dawg happy fucking birthday. hope you know you are a fucking rad ass skater. keep it up g!

    dereck's Emeritar dereck Posted:
  8. !!!Have a G b-DaY Dude!!!:P

    jackie15's Emeritar jackie15 Posted:
  9. that dudes real stoked he bought his shoe

    Rinky Danky Doo's Emeritar Rinky Danky Doo Posted:
  10. feliz cumpleaƱos hermano

    israel's Emeritar israel Posted:
  11. Happy Birthday! you gnarley

    Alex 's Emeritar Alex Posted:
  12. happy b day man brandon westgate 4 life

    theocrazykid's Emeritar theocrazykid Posted:
  13. happy birthday westgate! u fuckin shred! no style like urs out there! keep on keepin on!

    Aden Frank's Emeritar Aden Frank Posted:
  14. Happy Birthday, Mr. Westgate!

  15. feliz cumpleaƱos desde venezuela

    el carl's Emeritar el carl Posted:
  16. happy b day brandon!!!! you rip!

    emericaman5's Emeritar emericaman5 Posted:
  17. Happy birthday Brandon

    julian714's Emeritar julian714 Posted:

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