2011: Stay Gold B-Sides

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This is an update of the Emerican History timeline.

Emerica sweeps 2011 TransWorld Skateboarding Awards

Emerica offers up a slew of highly regarded Stay Gold B-Sides, wins Best Video for Stay Gold and Best Video Part for Andrew Reynolds at the 2011 TransWorld Skateboarding Awards, launches a brand-new web site complete with a long-awaited online store, and goes Wild in the Warehouse!

Emerica’s Wild in the Streets 2011

Emerica’s Wild in the Streets 2011 goes off in Los Angeles, California!
Wild in the Streets in Los Angeles Went Off
Emerica Boards For Bros 2011
Wild in the Streets LA Photo Gallery
Heath and Jet's Wild in the Streets Photos
Wild in the Streets Mega Post
More From Wild in the Streets
Wild in the Streets 2011 Video

Emerica Heartbeat / Outsiders tour flyers.

The Emerica team embarks on The Heartbeat of Emerica Tour through the Midwest from June 2-8, and The Outsiders Tour through Germany, Norway and Finland from July 4-15.

Emerica proudly welcomes Trevor Colden.

Emerica proudly welcomes Trevor Colden to the team, gives him an ad and grills him, then The Berrics and Thrasher get their turn.

Huck Andrew Reynolds cover.

Andrew Reynolds wins Maloof Money Cup (parts one, two and three), scores the cover of Huck (plus an interview) and offers you some insight.

Ed Templeton Teenage Kissers.

Ed Templeton shows you his mansion on Cambio, his archives on TransWorld (parts one, two, three, four and five), submits to a Top 5 on Crailtap, mouths off with Art Rebels, gets profiled by Words and Wheels and Paradigm, and opens two art shows: There Ain’t No Forgettin' at Domy Books in Austin, Texas on March 12-April 28; and Teenage Kissers at Half Gallery in New York City on June 23-July 25.

Slam Leo Romero cover.

Thrasher Leo Romero and Justin Figueroa covers.

Leo Romero grabs the Thrasher Skater of the Year cover plus a 16-page interview, and the cover of Slam to boot.

Bryan Herman Pharmacy Hollywood.

Bryan Herman and the Pharmacy crew host a grand opening for their new shop in Hollywood.

Kevin "Spanky" Long gets burned by Neck Face.

Jerry Hsu introduces the Hsu 2 Fusion and chooses the Design-a-Tee 13 winners.

Braydon Szafranski releases his second Emerica shoe, The Sza, and gets grilled by CPH and TransWorld.

Brandson Westgate.

The Westgate.

Brandon Westgate debuts his pro model shoe, the Westgate, on Emerica and a truck on Venture; earns coverage on CCS, Route One, Epicly Later’d (parts one, two and three), Crossfire and Venture; and wins the X Games Real Street Fan Favorite award.

Justin Figueroa scores the June cover of Thrasher and goes cruisin' with Active.

Collin Provost The Skateboard Mag and Willy Akers Lowcard covers.

Collin Provost wins The Skateboard Mag’s Year's Best Am 2010 award for his Stay Gold and Toy Machine Brain Wash parts, graces the cover of TSM issue 86, snags an interview with Active, and turns pro.

Aaron Suski transforms into Hell on Wheels and talks things over with ESPN.

Marisa dal Santo wins her third X Games Gold medal, has a chat with ESPN and shows off her vinyl collection to TransWorld.

Willy Akers snags the cover of Lowcard.

Emerica filmer Jon Miner talks with ESPN about the making of Stay Gold and handling the B-Sides!

New Shoe Models: China Flat, China Flat Toy Machine, Francis Hi Barrier Kult, Guthrie, Hobo, Hopi, Hsu 2 Fusion, Hsu Low, Tempster, The Leo, The Sza, Westgate, Wino Mid

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