Vegans Rejoice! Spring 2012

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In the Emerica Spring 2012 line, the following shoe colorways are made of all-synthetic materials. No baloney, Homo sapiens!

Gold Standard

G-CODE!!! - Black Black
Hsu 2 - Black Gum
Reynolds 3 - Brown White Gum
Reynolds Cruisers - Black Black
Reynolds Cruisers - White White
Romero 2 - Blue
The Situation - Blue White
Westgate - Grey

Standard Issue

High Laced - Black Black
Jinx - Warm Grey Tan
Laced - Blue White Gum
Laced - Green Gum
Laced - Navy Gum


China Flat - Black Dark Grey
China Flat - Black White
China Flat - Red
Reynolds Chillers - Black Tan
Reynolds Chillers - Blue
Reynolds Chillers - Red
Reynolds Chillers - White
Seahag - Black White
Wino - Beige
Wino - Black Gum
Wino - Black Silver
Wino - Black White White
Wino - Cardinal
Wino - Light Grey Dark Grey
Wino - Navy Grey
Wino - White Gum
Wino Mid - Black Green
Wino Mid - Brown Gum
Wino Mid - White Silver

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  1. G-CODE!!! RULES! :D

    IAmEmerican's Emeritar IAmEmerican Posted:

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