2012: Made in Emerica Tour

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This is an update of the Emerican History timeline.

Made in Emerica Tour 2012

The Emerica team embarks on the Made in Emerica Tour of the South and Midwest.

New Orleans, Louisiana - Thrasher
Birmingham Alabama - Emerica, Thrasher parts one, two
Nashville, Tennessee - Emerica, Thrasher parts one, two, three
Louisville, Kentucky - Emerica, Thrasher parts one, two, three
Cincinnati, Ohio - Thrasher parts one, two
Cleveland, Ohio - Thrasher

The Emerica team gets Wild in the Streets in Detroit, Michigan and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Wild in the Streets 2012: Detroit
Photo Gallery, Aftermath Part 1, Aftermath Part 2, Wrap Up, Spot Life, Thrasher

Wild in the Streets 2012: Argentina
Emerica Team in Argentina, Clips, Photo Blog 1, Photo Blog 2, Photo Blog 3, Video

Andrew Reynolds - 2012

Andrew Reynolds releases the Reynolds Chillers and Reynolds 3 Shake Junt, spits out a Spitfire video part, crosses Thrasher’s Firing Line (and enjoys Wednesdays with Reda), gets Chrome Balled, stars in an Indy commercial, unveils Bake and Destroy and chomps on a Free Lunch.

Ed Templeton - Jenkem.

Ed Templeton gets grilled by Jenkem and Juxtapoz, becomes one of TransWorld Skateboarding's 30 Most Influential of All Time (parts one and two), skates MLK, gives props to Leica cameras and Jumps Off a Memory.

Kevin "Spanky" Long and his gal Nina have an art show at Fuse Gallery in NYC.

Brandon Westgate's TransWorld Skateboarding cover. Bryan Herman's The Skateboard Mag cover.

Bryan Herman releases the Herman G6, scores the cover of the 100th issue of The Skateboard Mag and a Spitfire ad and video.

Brandon Westgate releases The Flick, jumps into the Hot Seat, scores a cover and interview for TransWorld Skateboarding, heads True East and sits in the Hot Seat again!

Leo Romero, Skateboarder cover.

Leo Romero release the Leo Party Pack and LOL, gets an interview in Beach Brother, chomps on a Free Lunch and scores the cover of Skateboarder.

Jerry Hsu releases the Hsu 2 Low, goes on a Luxury Cruise, kills it in Killing Season, and cops a Weekend Buzz.

Collin Provost gets grilled by Skateboarder and crosses Thrasher's Firing Line.

Jamie Tancowny's King Shit cover. Trevor Colden's Thrasher cover.

Justin "Figgy" Figueroa shreds some Skate Rock in China, gets put On the Spot and turns into a Bobblehead.

Jamie Tancowny scores the cover of King Shit and Lets the Good Times Roll.

Trevor Colden scores a Check Out in TransWorld Skateboarding, an interview for X Games, postulates a Color Theory, stars in a New Jack video and article for The Skateboard Mag, shreds the Phoenix Am, scores the cover of Thrasher, joins the Spitfire crew, and, as if all of that weren't enough, wins Tampa Am.

Aaron Suski goes for 5&5.

New shoes: The Flick, Herman G6, Hi Laced GT, Hopi Mid, Hsu 2 Low, The Leo Party Pack, Liverpool, LOL, Reynolds Chiller, Reynolds 3 Shake Junt, Seahag, Shifter Low.

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