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The Bishop Radio Interview!

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The Bishop Don "Magic" Juan will be featured live on the Adam Carolla Radio Show on Free FM 97.1 in Southern California on Thursday, May 24 at 7:30 a.m. He'll be talking about his new Emerica shoe and a couple of shop signings coming up soon. If you don’t live in SoCal, listen on Adam's site.

View a list of shops where you can buy the Emerica Bishop shoe! 

Schuyler Ricketts

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Somerville, Massachusetts

Despite his last name--which is one "t" removed from rickets, a disease of childhood characterized by softening of the bones as a result of inadequate intake of vitamin D and insufficient exposure to sunlight--Schuyler Ricketts is a promising young skateboarder with strong bones who, as this sponsor me clip proves, spends his fair share of time shredding entire fields of wheat right out in the glare of the sun.

Besides boasting the most sightly of sprightly styles, Schuyler also skates fast--yay verily, he performs his shred sled stunts at quite an impressive speed--brings down some big ones, and even proves that he's not afraid to take the occasional header or skate through a giant warehouse that is currently under construction.

My only complaint might be that he sometimes picks up quite a bit of change at the bottom of his jumps. But, what do I know? Maybe he has to supplement his income to purchase all those bulk bottles of vitamin D. Just kiddin', kids. Thanks for submitting your DVD, Schuyler. You just earned yourself a free pair of Emerica shoes!–Post King