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Emerica + Harley-Davidson Wild Ride Sweepstakes!

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You must be 18 or older to enter this contest.

Win a free all-expenses-paid trip to go on tour with the Emerica team on the Wild Ride, which starts on June 21, 2007 in Portland, Oregon and ends on July 4 at Wild in the Streets in San Francisco, California!

The winner will get to ride along in the Emerica team van or RV, and receive free motorcycle riding training from Harley-Davidson. The prize package will also include free round-trip airfare, free transportation from Portland to San Francisco with the Emerica team, $30 per day spending cash and a free Emerica + Harley-Davidson prize pack including a complete skateboard, shoes and gear.

Better enter now, cuz this contest ends soon...on June 6, 2007!

Ray Underhill

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In the late '80s, Ray Underhill was a vert pro for Powell-Peralta and appeared in The Search For Animal Chin and Ban This videos. After that, he worked for Gullwing Trucks and, more recently, Eastern Skateboard Supply. Late last year, it was discovered that Ray has a rare brain tumor, so now he is battling it, and the whole skateboard industry is pulling together with an online auction to help pay his overwhelming medical expenses. You can help, too, by bidding on a bunch of rare and one-of-a-kind skate collectibles at eBay. Every dollar counts and 100% of the proceeds will go straight to Ray and his family. Thank you.

Get well soon, Ray!

Wild in the Streets

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Emerica's Wild in the Streets is the event that gathers skateboarders of every age, color and creed to converge on city streets around the globe in the celebration of pure skateboarding. On July 4, 2007, Independence Day in the United States, the Emerica team and friends will descend upon San Francisco, California to skate and have fun all in the ultimate celebration of freedom. Make your plans now to be there!

Visit the full Wild in the Streets site.