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Spanky Blabs Back At You!

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You asked Emerica pro Kevin "Spanky" Long the questions, and he has responded! We just posted in the More section the eighth in a series of Member’s Only interviews.

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After poring over the hundreds of questions you Kids asked him, we narrowed them down and rang Spanky up for some answers. Thanks to all who participated. Stay tuned, cuz future Member’s Only interviews are in the works!

Wild in the Streets: Holland!

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On Sunday, June 19, the SPUI Square in the Hague was the place to be for all skateboarders in Holland. SPUI Square is suffering the same uncertain future as LOVE Park in Philadelphia, so the locals got together for a Wild in the Streets celebration with Emerica to show the city how much skateboarders care for their spot. At 1:00 p.m., everyone came together. Some skateboarders took a two-hour train to the Hague. And even though it was warm out (almost 30 degrees C, 100 degrees F), most everyone skated all day.

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Wild in the Streets: Romania!

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If there was one word to describe our Wild in the Streets celebration in Brasov, Romania, "gnarly" had to be it. Gnarly was seeing more than 150 people gathered for pure skateboarding. Gnarly was conquering the streets and stopping rush-hour traffic for several minutes. Gnarly was witnessing perfect frontside flips and tré flips stuck on wet marble. Gnarly was riding a skateboard behind a police vehicle together with friends. Gnarly was watching a huge crowd of skaters acting civilized for their sport.

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Sneakers Be Pimpin!

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Hey, all y’all sneaker fanatics, shred sledders and Emerikids inhabiting the Los Angeles area, you better head on over to Rec Center Studio this Friday, July 8 at 8:00 p.m. to scope the opening night of Sneaker Pimps, the world’s largest touring sneaker show! It’s located at 1161 Logan Street, Los Angeles, California 90026. I’m sure you’ll see a lot of your favorite kicks hanging around, done-up all special-like.

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There’ll be a skate session with Stevie Williams, plus live DJs like Biz Markie, Mix Master Mike, DJ Am, DJ Trasha You gotta be at least 18 to get in, though, and it’s ten dollars at the door. Early arrival is suggested, as the venue is sure to reach capacity. The guest list closes early, too. The first 100 people inside will receive a special Sneaker Pimps gift bag. See you there!