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Aaron Gomez

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Aaron Gomez of sunny SoCal sent in this month’s sponsor me video via the internet. So high-tech! He packed a bunch of tricks into this short vid, and skates all different types of spots, which is good to see. Aaron’s got flip tricks and mannies in his bag, and he hits up some rails, too.

Looking at this from a Team Manger’s perspective, though, Aaron is going to have to step it up a bit in order to be considered for sponsorship. I’ve said this several times before, but you have to compare your footage to the top ams’ parts in the most recent company videos. A front board down an eight-stair rail or a boardslide down a rail that has been killed by a bunch of other dudes isn’t going to catch the eye of a Team Manager.

I did like the pole jam tricks and the hardflip over the gap at the end, though. Aaron is on the right track, and I’m sure within a year from now his skating will progress. Keep shredding, Aaron, and don’t give up the dream! You’ve just earned yourself a free pair of Emerica shoes. Who’s next?

Skatepark of Tampa

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The virtual version of the Skatepark of Tampa is quite obviously a labor--and a labrynth--of love. Penetrate its pixely periphery and you will instantly discover multiple layers of skateboarding-related infotainment. There's a Skate Shop, in which you can mailorder every product under the sun. When you're done buying stuff, check out the Events section for the low-down on all of the park's happenings. The ultimate destination is Chill Time, the official "fun bags" section of the site. It contains a multitude of sub-categories like funny SPoT Quotes, thousands of skate Photos and Video, Jail Birds (the Tampa Police Department's arrest and mug shot log), Pro-Am Contest Results, Transitions Art Gallery and much more. Bored? Visit the Skatepark of Tampa site right now--it'll keep you occupied for days.

P.S. Don't miss Mullet Mania.

Abe Olague

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Southern California
Age 17

Honest, Abe throws down some mean moves in this sponsor me clip, but its feature film length could have used a little pruning. Sponsor me clips should be a minute or two long, tops, yet chock-full of flowing lines and style and sick tricks--all peppered with a few bangers. If you have a few clips of the same trick at different spots, pick the best one, don’t use all of them. Also, in skate videos in general, the short-cut "trick-trick-trick-trick" editing style gets kind of old. Some original music to help mosey things along doesn't hurt, either.

That said, Abe has some sick footage in this clip. I liked seeing some creativity with the 360 flip footplant on the bank-to-wall, and not too many people can nail a Cab kickflip down stairs--Abe stomped one down an eight-set! And he appropriately closed the video with a banger: a switch frontside bigspin heelflip. Thanks for sending in your clip, Abe Olague. Let's not be vague: you just earned yourself a free pair of Emerica shoes!--Jet Ski and Post King


Suski and Westgate on Thrasher's King of the Road Tour!

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It’s that time of year again, when teams of pro skateboarders run wild across America in search of new spots, 40-plus-year-old women, blind hairstylists on crack, and a good time. This year, Emerica team riders Aaron Suski and Brandon Westgate are racking up points for the Zoo York team in hopes of being crowned King Of The Road. The tour started on Saturday, August 25, so be sure to check out the Thrasher site for frequent updates on all of the shenanigans.