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Gnaw on This!

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What the sizzitches, bizzitches? We got the perfect king bling ring fo' yo' fing. It's called Gnaws, and it's a panther head-shaped ring with a rhinestone insert and a Pure logo engraving on the inner band. Fling it on your fing then stand up and sing with plenty of zing that it's your favotie thing.

Oh yeah, and buy one today at your friendly neighborhood skate shop.

The Boss Will Protect You

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Andrew Reynolds knows that due to the abundance of vulcanized skate shoes today, it’s only natural some skaters are going to seek superior durability and protection for their bruised-up tootsies. Remember the Reynolds 1? Well, now it’s reborn as The Boss.

Equipped with our System G2O2™ gel / air bag, just how protective against heel bruises is The Boss? According to our STI Lab biomechanical testing, The Boss provides up to 55% better protection than the standard air bag shoe on the market today, with the highest bottoming out force of any skate shoe we have tested. (Bottoming out is the point when the shoe no longer provides any cushioning protection.)

The Boss is only available only at finer skate shops. Buy a pair today.