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Suski Blabs Back at You!

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You asked Emerica pro Aaron Suski the questions, and he has responded! We just posted in the More section the 10th in a series of Member’s Only interviews.

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After poring over the hundreds of questions you Kids asked him, we narrowed them down and emailed Suskiwoo for some answers. Thanks to all who participated. Stay tuned, cuz future Member’s Only interviews are in the works!

Josh Swyers

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Josh Swyers
Richmond, Virginia

This month, we have a Sponsor Me tape coming out of Richmond, Virginia from Josh Swyers. Josh just turned 17 and has been skating for five years. His skating is very unique and he looks very comfortable on his board. Josh has a big bag of tricks and looks like he can adapt to any kind of obstacle put in front of him. Some of the tricks in this video could have been left out, like the 50-50 fingerflip Boneless One, which is more of a circus trick than something that should be included in a Sponsor Me video. But, it shows that Josh is having fun, which is what skating is all about. The pole jam to manual and the pole jams over the stairs are sick, and the wall ride down the nine stair at the end of the video is pretty gangster. Thanks for the video, Josh. You just earned yourself a pair of brand spankin’ new pair of Emerica shoes. —Jeff Henderson

John Doe March 2005

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John Doe Zine March 2005

Title: John Doe Zine
Publisher: John Doe
Issue Numbers: March 2005
Page Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Page Count: 48
Printing method: Black and white photocopy.
Binding: A dang rubberband that will, in the not-so-distant future, dry out and break.
Price: Email the publisher.
Email: johndoezine at (Use the @ symbol with no spaces around it instead of the word "at".)
Web Site: John Doe Zine

John Doe presses onward with another not-so-short stack of Western wonderfulness. There’s a lot of Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska and Wyomin’ action in here, folks, with articles on the Nunn Skate Jam, Ask John, Sac Museum (No, not ball sacks. Something about flight simulators.), Chip’s Panties (A dog panty pull.), Cobra Booze, Skatepark Vermin (Featuring a girl who does the splits all over a skatepark.), More Bar Shit, Crunk Juice (Brains splattered on 1970s porn mags.), Rebel Leech, Scion Life (Toyota is ashamed to put their logo on this car.), 5 A.M. Beer Call (Getting drunk in the mornin’.), More Branding (How to brand yourself. Literally.), Tailgunner (Pseudo rock star signs sloppy boobs.), MLK Day, Getting Old (Old people.), This Bullshit (Snowboarders damaging skateparks by packing snow around rails.), Snow Beer (Chillin’ a 40 in the snow.), Matlock, Frontside Indy Quiz, Fucking Fly-Outs (Youngin’s constantly flyin’ out at skateparks.), Video Grab, General Dodge House, Golden Spike, Henry Doorly Zoo ("Fuck skating with a pro. Go to a zoo with one."), Omaha Steph, Poop Slide, Black Angel Monument (Cemetery Goth hangout.), Butts, People Are Fucking Stupid (Parking dilemmas.), Bar Breasts, Skateparks, Dolphin Wang, and more skate photos than you can shake a shaker at. Another goodin’, Mr. Doe. Keep ’em coming.