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Black Red White
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Rock-solid mid-top.

Hailing from the cranberry farms of Wareham, Massachusetts, East Coast shredster Brandon Westgate designed his first Emerica shoe as a rock-solid mid-top for ultimate skateboarding performance.


• Custom-formed thin padded tongue and thick padded collar provide maximum comfort for a full day of skating.
• Ortholite footbed and full-length high-impact midsole cushions bottom of feet.

• Mid-top design grips feet and ankles for more stable skating.
• Foam Lite level 3 footbed cushions feet during harsh landings.
• Vulcanized gum rubber outsole with Triangle tread pattern provides maximum grip for more confident skating.

• Triple-layer panels on Ollie area help prevent blow-outs to make shoes last longer.
• Time-honored double-wrapped vulcanized construction makes shoes sturdy.

• Westgate logo label on tongue.
• Pure logos on side and heel.
• Triangle logos on side and heel.

Smooth Suede


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Westgate / Black Red White / $74.99 $44.99

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(4) reviews about: Westgate in Black Red White

  1. those r sum boss shoes

    loudog511's Emeritar loudog511 Posted:
  2. Amazing! Tread wears down very slow, they are grippy, durable, comfy, and look great!

    mammoth1016's Emeritar mammoth1016 Posted:
  3. Great shoe but insole might as well have been thrown out, terrible comfort with stock insole.

    theskywaybridge's Emeritar theskywaybridge Posted:
  4. Could use a better impact cushion, but I never got any bruises so the one it has is ok. Look great, didn't last long enough though. I had two pairs and the first one lasted a REALLY long time. I was impressed! But the second one ripped on my right toe within the first week. So durability could be better I guess but it's pretty solid. They are SO comfy! Really good job on the heel area and ankle support. I wish I had another pair!

    mammoth1016's Emeritar mammoth1016 Posted:

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