Emeri.ca URL Shortening Service

What's this?

Want to message/email/twitter a URL but find the URL to be too long or cumbersome? Use our service to generate a shorter link that's easy to send with our uber-cool emeri.ca domain!

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To use the service, you can either fill in the URL manually below, or you can invoke it using the API. The choice is yours!

For an explanation of the different fields, see the API specs below.

Use the API!

Because shortening every URL by hand is stupid. Call our service via your application and automate your URL shortening!

Invocation URL:


Query String Parameters:

  • url (required) The URL you want to shorten. Must be a valid URL.
  • token (optional) The token you want to use. For example, if you want your short link to be http://emeri.ca/gold, you'd set the token to gold (20 characters max). If no token is supplied, one will be randomly generated.


If a shortened URL is successfully created, the service will return only the url in raw text format. If something went wrong, the error will be displayed prefixed by the string "Error:".


YOUR MOM! But seriously, direct your inquiries to the web department.