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  • antwuan dixon no doubt is dope as h#ll but what u think about andrew reynolds

    emericansteeze's Emeritar emericansteeze Posted:
  • www.

    Joey Broski's Emeritar Joey Broski Posted:
  • you should....it would be sick.
    my friend is good at guitar and he can play mother superior really good.
    today he brought down his acoustic and I sang and it sounded actually really really good.... I was suprised

    Nate's Emeritar Nate Posted:
  • what about like the album version of the fall of house atlantic?

    Nate's Emeritar Nate Posted:
  • I guess you should upload it then, im interested in hearing it.
    btw do you think you could play the fall of house atlantic on acoustic?
    it seems like the beginning would be a challenge since it is prolly a two man song as well

    Nate's Emeritar Nate Posted:
  • yeah might wanna hold back on the "wake up" singing...I cant see you singing that.
    you should sing some killswitch engage, I can picture you sounding like him

    Nate's Emeritar Nate Posted:
  • yeah I mean I actually have a deep voice but I can make it be high....like claudios voice is actually deep too if youve heard him just talk.
    ive actually been sort of taking singing srsly lately cuz im not bad.
    it just started as me trying high tenor screams and gutteral growls(both of which I can do good now)
    idk im thinking of starting a band

    Nate's Emeritar Nate Posted:
  • i did not send anything

    STACI's Emeritar STACI Posted:

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