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While in my english class, I was staring at my box of Clover Valley Raisins. In the process of eating them and noticing how my class began to get louder, I noticed the box had said, "Natural Source of Energy" so I figured it was a good time to write about this subject. When the phrase "Education is the great Equalizer" comes to mind, it's the type of thing where I want to continue thinking about it, just the thought of all the meaning behind it, but deeper. Beginning to get sentimental, would it be another communist form of quote. lol Or somewhat of Diplamatic Bull****? I do believe that everyone needs to get an education and persue themselves the best they can to gain as much knowledge possible. Also because it is almost a "must have" in the wants of today's economy. Many have already made such things a priority. Would all this tie in with another phrase stating "Speaking standard grammer proves that someone is smarter"? Such phrase could be questioned for days, but would it be worth it? Even when or if we proved a statement of those words..... what next? Now we know that the "literate" people out there are smart! Although this statement may be false. Maybe there is a guy or gal with the latest edition of Webster's and worships it as if it were a bible, but has no high school diploma. (Referring to, He isn't the brightest guy) but he does know his language with those harder to comprehend words. Or maybe there is a guy that is a -top of class- ginuine "nerd" so to speak, that doesn't actually act as if he is. Say he skates, surfs, uses foul language, tags up his latest art creation on the nearest chapel, AND smokes "the pot". But still keeps ahold of his -top of class- rank an doesn't use the hardest words in the English language to describe the smallest thing. Still the statement would be false. Not everyone uses the standard grammer to speak about things, but can still be smart. Maybe I take a walk with thoughts too much.....but that's why I write. It helps express the feelings of one's self, makes people aware of the subject you thought was worth writing about and gets them thinking. So I hope it did some good.

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