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Hi I'm Alicia and i live in phoenix arizona land of the hott ! I go to central high school..and hate it! hmm i love meeting new people =):
PHOTOGRAPHY ... i love it
I actually don't skate, so no im not on here to act like I do
I just admire the fuck out of it =): Hard flips impress me ,,so who wants to teach me to skate>?i love music!!!!!!!!!!! all of it i go to shows and many concerts!


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  • u are so cute message me

    kevin28's Emeritar kevin28 Posted:
  • ayy, whass good ?

    jo's Emeritar jo Posted:
  • yo wats new

    broken45's Emeritar broken45 Posted:
  • hahaha another one of phoenixes finest

    thedoc's Emeritar thedoc Posted:
  • Im so sorry I had to do this!

    darius's Emeritar darius Posted:
  • your hot do u have a boy friend

    snoozer's Emeritar snoozer Posted:
  • 3 years and a half

    j's Emeritar j Posted:
  • do you photograph skating, or is it jus a thing?

    David's Emeritar David Posted:

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