My thoughts on Supra Shoes

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Well, I figured that since everyone is becoming obsessed with Supra that i should shed a little light on the so called "skate company". Alright well
1. They've become a fashion company more than a skate company.
2. Their colorways are disgustingly horrible.
3. They're HEAVY AS FUCK!!!
4. They tear up waaaaaaay too fast.
5. Their grip sucks.
6. Aside from having a good team, they have nothing else to offer.
7. Everyone and their GRANDMOTHER has a pair.
That is all.

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(5) responses to: My thoughts on Supra Shoes

  1. agreed.

    i've posted anti-supra news before and the opposition (14-year-olds that told me to fuck off because supra iz da illest) told me that i needed to "have a little more style". i responded by saying if this style i need to have a little more of resembles that of flash gordon, then no, no i don't.

    -'s Emeritar - Posted:
  2. They have Double E's as well...... one of the nicest shoes I've ever skated.

    DaltonHarris's Emeritar DaltonHarris Posted:
  3. dude the vulk lows r amazing so are the waider lows and calis

    shaver iz dope's Emeritar shaver iz dope Posted:
  4. over in vegas honestly, everyone i obsessed with lakai.

    go away's Emeritar go away Posted:
  5. yeah, i hate supras
    its like, they say "wat is the gayest colorway we can make and lets put it on a shoe"

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