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My name is Andrew Hoehn, I'm 16, i live in Saskachewan and i've been skating since Summer 2006 and I've been snowboading all my life.

My Local SkateShop is Propaganda.
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  • oh shitty ... aniways its better street lol

    imstayinggold's Emeritar imstayinggold Posted:
  • So you live in Canada!! Hows the snowboarding up their?

    I ride a K2 snowboard with forum binding hella sick!!

    dannyyo's Emeritar dannyyo Posted:
  • lol no in berlin you have to watch out for your bike ^^ cars are not interesting i think because of the police controls everywhere.

    No. but maybe's Emeritar No. but maybe Posted:
  • ehm yes i am driving my fixie and my skateboard xD i dont need a car and cannot afford it, ttoo xP but i think i am faster with bike than with a car in berlin ;)
    but after school i am going to buy me a motocycle ^^ thats my plan... i am not a fan of cars as you can imagine xP but nice roll, tried kickflip ha ? xD

    No. but maybe's Emeritar No. but maybe Posted:
  • yeah man it is sick.. what about saskachewan?is it nice

    imstayinggold's Emeritar imstayinggold Posted:
  • no man the cop in reno are not like the ones in reno 911. They are asses when it comes to skatboarder skating down town!

    dannyyo's Emeritar dannyyo Posted:
  • yeah i am relly livin in the ebrlin turkish ghetto ^^ the district is called Kreuzberg like the one song from bloc party ;)

    No. but maybe's Emeritar No. but maybe Posted:
  • thx dude. yea, when it comes to schoolwork on a computer i end up playing solitar and watching youtube at the same time.

    GnarSurfer's Emeritar GnarSurfer Posted:

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