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♥"..hEy! ThA NameS anEcIa.
i live in plainview, Texas...
i skate cuz it soothes me ahah in sounds wierd but yea, Nd
i'm not good lol well if ya wanna knoe more just ask :P hehe OH! nd
♥♥♥i loove purple♥♥♥
its an awsome color lol
♥_♥___♥_♥_ Put this
♥___♥_♥___♥ heart
_♥___♥___♥_ on your
__♥_____♥__ page if
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  • YOu have a number

    Joey Broski's Emeritar Joey Broski Posted:
  • its been good skating more hbu

    Joey Broski's Emeritar Joey Broski Posted:
  • hey whats going on dude?
    its been a while.

    giann's Emeritar giann Posted:
  • Good i still love your background lol hbu and Brian Hansen Loved my fill in the Gap Pop Shuvit to tail

    Joey Broski's Emeritar Joey Broski Posted:
  • yooooo.

    giann's Emeritar giann Posted:
  • Long time no speek

    Joey Broski's Emeritar Joey Broski Posted:
  • too hot!!!! lol we had family here in nc....thas cool im a senior too....u hav a car?

    marcel-mireles's Emeritar marcel-mireles Posted:
  • they are 7/8ths right now. my goal is 1 inch

    johnnysteezy's Emeritar johnnysteezy Posted:

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