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yesterday @ active i got myself some well-deserved new thunder chrome lites!!
they're good- rely smooth- but im having trouble ollieing as good as i was b4
do the trux just need 2 b broken in or is this a problem?
plz help

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(4) responses to: new trux

  1. Im gettin those, the MJ editions, but yea you need to break them in, Ive found that makng them as loose as possible for like a day or two, and evening out both sides. then put them back the way you like them. sould do the trick!! let me know how they skate when broken in!!

  2. my friend just got those trucks.
    the sonora lights or somethin right?
    nice trucks they are!
    but yeah they need to be broken in, all new trucks do

    Nate's Emeritar Nate Posted:
  3. i was going 2 get the mjs but i decided to go with a simpler truck

    motormouth's Emeritar motormouth Posted:
  4. the problem is now
    i cant do anything fakie because my body always seems to fall forward when i try
    with my royals i did betr fakie ollies than i did regular ollies

    motormouth's Emeritar motormouth Posted:

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