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so i had some weirdo whacked out dream that i was wearing a beanie (i never wear hats cause it looks retarded with my fro) but anyways i had a black, grey, red, and blue beanie, on and i was in black wax,and i was looking at some shades but coulden't decide on either the shake junt or the deathwish ones and i put on the deathwish ones and then i turned into lizard king and went out side the mall and did a switch bs 360 kickflip on flat, it was sickkkk, then i woke up xD

but i think since i gotta haircut i'm gonna go get that beanie and those deathwish shades, and hey you never know i might turn into lizard and do some crazy shit. if you have a crazy fuckin dream like i did rant about it! peace

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  1. Haha, jeez. Gonna try that ;)

    lazyflip's Emeritar lazyflip Posted:
  2. I had a dream that I did a whole bunch of coke then went to school. Everything was in like stop motion and "She's A Lady" by Tom Jones was playing the background. I took one step inside to get to my locker and the dream fast-forwarded me to it. I was attempting to open my locker when the assistant principal came walking in slow motion. My "dream camera" I call it framed on his face, then back to mine, then on his again, then back to mine as he's walking by. My friend slowly appears in my frame and says "Hi", then while still fixed on the asst. principal and I put my hand to his mouth and say "shhhh...he knows..."

    Then it ends.

    -'s Emeritar - Posted:

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