It all started with doughnuts..

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ok so today was fucking insane
and it, as you can tell by the titile, all started when sammy's mom bought us dougnuts, after she got back from a dentist appointment for sammys brother, then drove us to the mall, (10 o clock)and we almost stole some new shoes from black wax,(local skateshop) but then we walk there and the place is closed FUCK then we skated the parking lots and stole a couple tech decks for no reason, then we went into zumeiz, walked around, zumeiz, soda stealing, zumeiz, memorized every single trick and named them in the new lrg video, skated, soda, zumeiz, then we skated around the mall more, we coulden't get a ride so we were stuck there till fucking 6:30..

10 o clock to 6:30 stuck at the mall, hahah, despite all the negativity it was a pretty good day. It was also Me and my Girlfriends 6 month anniversary((:

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  1. Pffft! HAHAHA! Tech Decks!

  2. a year ago me and my friend were at this huge skat park, and we stayed till 8 when the band played. but the thing is when we first got there at like noon i saw some herman 2s sitting on a bench, so after the band played i snatched em and got the hell out haha, i bet the guy was pissed they were brand new the damn things didnt even fit me!

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