Venture to the Mall

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Okay so 1st I went to the spring valley swap meet with my mom and picked up a pair of Emerica Francis in navy.
Did I mention that they were 20$?! hahah yeah, Fresh,
so anyways me and my friends, Patrick and James (brothers)with no cell phones travel into the great unknown, aka lemon grove(far away from Rancho), by bus, soo many fucking homeless dudes, like litterally it was scary, so we snuck onto the trolley (a 500$ fine) and then finally got to the mall after going around town for at least 3 hours, because tere are only a few busses open on the weekend, but anyways we finally get to the mall, and then chill around there, my friend James thinks that Hollister ISN'T gay, so me and patrick make fun of him, but anyways, we get a ride home from their parents but since they don't speak english. I end up getting dropped off far away from my house, and so I have to skate home.

Overall good day hahah

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