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hey im Ashley. i live in az. it sucks out here but doesn't bother me! Haha. yea not much to say about me. i like watching movies, eating, sports and just hangng out with very random. i can start talking about whatever.... ;D lol
talk to me! :]]

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(3) responses to: About Me

  1. do u ever see nick trapasso? Hes the greatest skater alive!

    enjoiskate's Emeritar enjoiskate Posted:
  2. Hey Im Hunter nice to meet you . Ilive in GA .

    I LOVE TO SKATE ILOVE TO SKATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    360flip8's Emeritar 360flip8 Posted:
  3. hey i'm al whats up:] i live in gay-ass califonia>:[ but anyways nice to meet you:D

    al13's Emeritar al13 Posted:

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