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The name's Roxy. I'm a typical teenage girl always doing something I love. I live in a one story house in the sad town of hemet, I don't even think it deserves to be capitalized, with of course the 'Rents and my 2 furrry dogs, Baxter and Spencer. I'm really laidback and mellow, up for anything, you name it...wether it be daring me to chug down a liter of diet cherry coke or crushing a can on my forehead and failing miserably-that's me! I also almost have sonething to do. I do my best to keep myself occupied, so I go skating or go to Idyllwild and take some amazing pics of the mtns and snow. When it comes to movies i'm there baby! I absolutely love movies! O I like blue lolipops too. :P So getta chance to know me, then after you'll feel alot happier that you did! ;D I absolutely love to skate!!! It's my LIFE!!! i also do photography and filming skate vids. :)


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  • Hey Whatz Up.

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  • gettin a cast cut off

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  • hi

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  • sure ill be your boy friend

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  • 360 hardflip.

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  • i love zero :(

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  • sure, ask away...

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