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So, I can get a sick tre flip rotation but whenever it comes around to landing it, I CAN NOT get my feet on that board. It gets around all the way and flips all the way, most of the time, and I land one foot. But everytime I land it, its on the nose of the board, and its popped up in like a noseblunt on flat ground lol. Any tips for a Tre Flip?

I bought a new pair of shoes a few months ago, The Tie Dye Skate 3 Reynolds Cruisers, I bought them in my actually size and they were reallllllly tight on my feet, but I broke them in after a week or two of wearing them. At first I never really skated it I just chilled in them, which they are perfect for. But when I started skating in them, I love them. I want to get another pair just to wear, but I've had them for like 3 months and I havent had a rip, and the grip is only slightly worn down.

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