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luan de oliveira -switch frontside flip (phx am 2009)

all photos on here are taken by me unless noted otherwise. name is delilah anaya, female photographer, who just loves skating, i grew up with it since i was 8yrs. old. G to the CODE!!!


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  • thank you too :)

    agne's Emeritar agne Posted:
  • Ay wat up

    Joey Broski's Emeritar Joey Broski Posted:
  • Happy New Years!!

    giann's Emeritar giann Posted:
  • Sik u ispire me if i dont get sponcered to be a photographer

    Joey Broski's Emeritar Joey Broski Posted:
  • appreciate your comment on the "Hate List".haha. yeah i would LOVE if they had Jones Soda as a fountain drink!! on the download part, yeah i dont personally do it, but i use my friends's computers to sometimes.haha. but i prefer to have the actual album/record most of the time!haha. I agree with the REAL books part. Fuck ebooks. it would be like just reading a website page or something.haha

    .'s Emeritar . Posted:
  • things things are never fun

    bowie8338's Emeritar bowie8338 Posted:
  • Joey Broski's Emeritar Joey Broski Posted:
  • How Do you talk to Ed

    Joey Broski's Emeritar Joey Broski Posted:

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