a wierd few days

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First on friday i was skating in front of my house and i was standing on my board and i slipped and my board shot out and of my curb and a car ran it over. so i couldnt skate for the rest of the day and on saturday i found $41.00 bucks in my wallet so i walked to prime with my friend Alex and got a mini logo and skated at prime for 4 hours then went home to skate my box (pic up soon) and skate some gaps. then today i found out my mom bought me some stuff for my birthday in july but she let me open the box today.Blog Image
broken city
Blog Image
mini logo

Blog Image
The new heath shoe

Blog Image
and a new flip deck

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(2) responses to: a wierd few days

  1. Lemme know how them Heaths are, they look dope and you got the best colorway.

    DaltonHarris's Emeritar DaltonHarris Posted:

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